”In my capacity as Managing Partner of PwC’s Tax and Legal practice in Romania I worked with Christiane in the period 2010-2013. She worked with a number of our talented managers and key staff as coach. With a proven methodology she engaged with a number of these high potentials to help them on an individual basis with certain personal career issues.

The results were remarkable. She really made a difference for these colleagues and helped them overcome some career blockers and speed up their career as a result of that. Most of her coachees came out of the program with Christiane as more self aware and confident professionals. Her methodology requires a relatively low investment in time for the organisation and the people involved. This methodology combined with her tranquil yet persistent personality makes her a very professional coach.

Please also note that she performed these services for PwC in a culture which was not her own and this proves her agility and ability to deal effectively with diversity.

Christiane comes with high recommendations from my side.”

Partner at PwC

”I strongly recommended this coaching program to my other colleagues in the organization.

First it helped me to learn about myself. I understood which are my core competencies and how they can work to my advantage but also to my disadvantage, depending on the contextual situation in which I find myself. I learned to manage my expectations better, and not be so critical of myself when everything is not working perfectly.

As a result I became more balanced in stressful situations and I like to think that my emotional reactions have diminished a lot compared to previous periods. Negative feedback is now definitely easier to receive then before.

Another big advantage was that it helped me to strengthen my relationship with my colleagues, and I developed my ability to influence others. Now I recognize easier their expectations in different situations….I better manage to avoid conflict situations with my colleagues, and also to avoid situations that risk becoming a game for power “who wins over who” disregarding the original good intentions.”

Head of Commercial Marketing, Pricing and Performance Management at the Marketing Division of Petrom SA

”I started reluctantly because I thought I knew everything about myself and that nothing could surprise me any more, and yet, I discovered a new dimension of me. This “new” thing, once known, helps me in my interaction with people and consequently makes me better in managing my relationships for their and my benefit.”

Program Manager – Economic Development & Agricultural Program at World Vision International

”…. The main aim of the programme was to improve management of stressful situation and to focus on listening to people rather than providing directions. …Within less than 6 months I was able to handle stressful situations much better, and managed not to lose my temper under pressure. Christiane’s programme is successful as long as the coachee is willing to change. One of my happiest days was in June when I received a very good upward feedback from my reports, as well as the acknowledgment of my change from my higher-ups.”

A senior manager from a multinational company

”The Self Confrontation Method is for me a way of putting away the routine and repetitive, a way to forget the irrelevant. It allowed me to come back in the game refreshed and motivated to achieve my personal goals.”

Manager/project coordinator at the Romanian Office of an International Non-Governmental Organisation

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