Life has its difficult moments - but don't stay too long alone with them.

At times it may feel as if we are unable to fully use our talents, as if we are stuck in old patterns and recurring drawbacks. A talk with a friend or colleague can help, but sometimes these patterns are too ingrained. This is when coaching can help.

And this is what Christiane van den Berg offers in her coaching practice Insight, which is situated in the centre of Amsterdam. For those of us who are looking for a professional or personal change but who find it difficult  – for various reasons – to realise the desired change.

She is a certified coach & a certified non-harassment & non-discrimination counselor. As a non-harassment counselor she works according to the guidelines of LVV (the national organisation of non-harassment counselors).

”I strongly recommended this coaching program to my other colleagues in the organization.”

”Christiane quickly gave me the freedom to express what I really feel and think.”

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You are always welcome to contact me to discuss your coaching needs.