At times you might feel stuck - in your job or private life. Coaching can help you to move forward again.

Career coaching

The career counseling programs strengthen your professional development. They are often initiated to resolve specific performance related issues.

Examples of such issues are:

  • being unable to cope effectively with the increased responsibilities and tasks after a promotion or a change in one’s career;
  • wanting to delegate more but finding it difficult to trust and develop other’s potential;
  • having repeated misunderstandings and conflicts with colleagues and/or management;
  • finding it increaslingly difficult to deal with internal & external demands and deadlines.

For others career counseling focuses on direction & making the right career choices.

A career counseling program can be completed in 4 to 5 sessions of 1,5 hours plus time for your personal assignments). Before we begin, your career question, issues and goals are discussed and put in writing.

Your goals are guiding and the results of the program will be evaluated in light of these goals.


Life coaching

Life coaching programs are developed to resolve personal issues. Life coaching will help you through difficult times and stressfull changes. It is the beginning of a reflective process – very personal & true to yourself – without outside interference or expectations.


Coaching for young adults

A coaching program especially for young adults. An opportunity to reflect on who you are becoming, what you value, and what you would like to achieve. For young adults who are looking for direction and more clarity.

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Feel free to contact me to discuss your coaching needs & goals.